We live in crucial times that decide about the continuation of whites as a distinct race or their extinction in a few hundred years.

Our website WhiteDate.NET aims to help traditionally-inclined men and women to find a partner with the expressed objective to build strong and healthy families with numerous children. The healing of white demography is at the center of our ambitions. We want our people to continue to exist by embracing everything that supports as well as rejecting everything that harms its survival.

Looking at the ideal, people on this planet naturally strive for, to live in a peaceful, prosperous society with a healthy demography that ensures the future of race and culture, I thought it to be interesting to put our spiritual beliefs under the magnifying glass in view of its usefulness towards this goal.

Although officially brought up with Christianity by parents who never went to church except for concerts and social events, I always had a strange feeling about its teachings and dogmas.

The idea of coming to this earth with an innate guilt caused by an event thousands of years ago never aligned with my Nordic soul striving for freedom. Guilt makes people unfree and reluctant to defend themselves whilst attacked. Self-love and self-worthiness is the premise for self-defense and self-preservation. But guilt destroys self-love at its very core.
If even our legal system today accepts a serial killer’s son to be born innocent, why could anybody claim to impose eternal guilt on a collective? What a weird concept to follow I thought.

The second dogma I could never subscribe to was the idea of a foreign chosen people that was placed above our European people with a spiritual leader who was not even born in Europe and never did or said anything that would protect the vital interests of European tribes in terms of survival and the creation of harmonious, thriving societies. Jesus did not even address any people as a distinct folk; he always addressed all humans no matter their race or personal and collective accomplishments. In Christianity, everybody is as equal before God as communism could only dream of. The perfect ideology to mentally prepare humans for a globalist society run by a centralized authority or even an elitist race.

Looking at the demography as an indicator for a healthy folk, European Christians have been fighting and slaughtering millions of heathens imposing this new belief system aggressively in the first place by usurping pagan lands and festivals (Samhain, Yule, Solistice, Equinox). Christians also fought millions of their white brethren for mere interpretations of the bible: The thirty year war wiped away approximately a third of the German population, a racial brother war in the name of a religion venerating a non-European people as chosen. In terms of white survival, this is insane!

One might argue that followers of some churches have more children than followers of others even after the pill was introduced. The painful fact many whites forget is that non-white Christians’ birth-rates impressively outnumber white Christians and Christianity as an religion for all races does not care a bit about it, nor for the mathematical extrapolation that whites will go extinct within next 400 years.

The third concept I struggled with was the thought of loving everybody unconditionally and even loving your enemy. Loving the one who tries to destroy our folk, to rape our women, to enslave our men goes against every cell in my Viking body. To turn the other cheek is incompatible with the mission nature has given us as humans as well as animals, the mission to impose ourselves for our survival. There is no turning the other cheek in wildlife. Every creature fights until its last breath. And we are supposed to violate a divine natural law? Isn’t that hubris?

The pope kisses the feet of Sub-Saharan migrants and European churches support mass migration into the West. And what exactly has Christianity been doing for whites as a race? Whilst distributing their collected money to non-white groups inside and outside of Europe, telling their white members to be grateful for their comfortable life by urging them to help the ‘poor underprivileged’ non-whites. I am baffled that nobody seems to see and mind the impudent exploitation of white kindness and generosity.

In fact our intrinsic altruism is the one trait the churches have brilliantly known to use against us to our own demise. Uncountable amounts of money and goods produced by whites have been transferred worldwide to non-white groups through the churches by telling us that we are responsible for other groups. But we are not! We are responsible for continuing the line of our forbears and create and maintain safe, prosperous societies for our descendants! We are in no way responsible for every human on earth that is neither racially nor culturally related to us. This is a suicidal concept and needs to be revealed as such. ‘Chacun sa merde’* as the French say.

Obviously, Christians are welcome to sign up on WhiteDate.NET as most of them are wonderful people with traditional family values that we hold very dear. But I would wish them to think about how the ethno-religion that has accompanied our folks for thousands of years and supported precisely these traditional values long before Christianization could re-contribute to our self-awareness as a distinct people and our struggle for our survival by competing for habitat with non-white groups. Take or leave the pagan Gods as folklore or children’s tales, but if you look at the ancient nine pagan virtues, aren’t they identical with our core set of values we have been living for all our lives?

Courage, Truth, Honor, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Self Reliance, Industriousness, Perseverance

They seem to live in us on a cellular level and yes, these virtues make us develop the skills we need for our survival, they tell us to take care of ourselves, our family, our folk and that’s the mindset that we need to save our race.

Liv Heide is the founder of WhiteDate.NET inviting descendants of Celtic, Germanic, Slavic, Finno-Ugric and Italic folks worldwide find a traditionally minded partner online. Singles as well as couples can help build the White Diaspora by joining the group and forum section of the website.


*Everybody his own excrement = Everybody is responsible for his own problems.


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