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How to build White Communities

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There is a need for a New White Strategy when it comes to community building. Whites are naturally more individualistic and less nepotistic than other groups. This needs to change. How we can reset our minds and get organized locally is the question of this group.

How to Organize Local Dances (with Jeff from White Art Collective)

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    This is the thread to brainstorm about how to best organize local folk or square dances, where to find the ladies, which etiquette to apply and how to keep things safe.


    Jeff Winston

    Howdy folks! Jeff Winston here. So, as Liv mentioned, she, myself and some other people have been brainstorming on how to organize local dances. We’re going to create a guide on how to organize such an event which will include all of the various things to consider in order to have a successful event. Then, we’re going to start training folks on how to organize dances in their local areas. If anybody is interested in becoming a local dance organizer, please let us know!

    NOTE: Lads, women love to dance. If you were to help to create a fun and secure space for the girls to dance, they would greatly appreciate it! Which brings us to the first thing we should consider: Security.

    Here are some thoughts I had on security:
    It would be best to keep these events private and invite-only. That way we can ensure only people of good character with good intentions are allowed entry. We should also have a couple of formidable gents in case anybody gets too rowdy. However, if the proper vetting is done to ensure that only people of good character are invited, the likelihood of needing to bounce people is incredibly low. Also, we thought it would be good to not allow phones at the event to create a more socially focused environment, as well as a more secure environment.

    I’ll check back in soon discussing the other areas of interest for organizing such a dance. In the meantime, I’d love to hear everybody’s input! Please feel free to chime in.



    As far as line dancing goes, most country bars have nights where they teach newcomers how to do it, so the instruction is covered. Security would be outsourced to the local establishment so we would have to operate incognito, but it should be fairly easy to arrange meetups. I know of a place in my local area, if interested PM me. Compartmentalizing info you know.



    Seems like it would be hard to set up because everyone on this site lives in many different states and countries. Ok DO NOT CHARGE MONEY if you do and some black person islamic or LGBTQ tries to go they will sue you for discrimination and you will get fined or jailed or both. It would have to be almost like a private wedding type thing by invitation. WEll, also if you want it to be square dancing like Henry Ford liked, well I don’t know but maybe there is a square dancing society in some towns in the Midwest. But I do not know. It seems like that sort of thing die out. And line dancing is not the same thing as square dancing, I’ve seen black people line dancing, and one of the songs they line dance to at country bars is done by a black guy and almost like rap music. Square dancing is done to fiddles, banjo, mandolin, maybe steel guitar…



    Hey Jeff, you know me, I am interested in helping with this endeavor in any way I can.


    Peter Groß

    I am interested in helping as well. I live in a smaller town that is mostly hwite and it would be great to have something like this where people could get together.


    Jeff Winston

    The line dancing is a good idea. Ideally though, we need to create our own space. Which is why we need to find people interested in organizing these kind of events who can actually go out and recruit people to attend.


    Jeff Winston

    @browneyewhiteguy Yeah, we are all spread out, which is why we need to get people organized to go out recruiting people in their local areas for these events. And yes, people will give us trouble which is why we should keep these private and invite-only, much like a wedding, as you said. It’s probably best to find a main organizer in a local area and treat the event like are just bringing a bunch of friends together for a party. That way we can’t be accused of discrimination, etc.


    Jeff Winston

    Excellent @TradTexan! Please send an email to and I’ll bring you onto the organizing team.


    Jeff Winston

    Excellent @PeterG! Please send an email to and I’ll bring you onto the organizing team.


    Jeff Winston

    We’ve already got a couple of folks from the forums here interested in helping organize some local traditional dances. If anybody else is interested in getting involved, please DM me or send an email to Also, please feel free to discuss more thoughts here. I’ll be following up periodically as I work on the “How To Organize a Traditional Dance” booklet.

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