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Learners and Enthusiasts of European Languages

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Join this group if you hold an interest in or are currently studying one of the many beautiful European languages! This is a place in which you can share tips, discuss effective ways of learning, etc.

Treten Sie dieser Gruppe bei, wenn Sie gerade lernen oder sich für eine der vielen schönen europäischen Sprachen interessieren! Hier können Sie Tipps austauschen, wirksame Lernmethoden besprechen, usw.

Wordt u lid van deze groep als u nu leert of geïnteresseerd bent in een van de prachtige Europese talen! Hier kunt u tips uitwisselen, effectieve leermethoden bespreken, enz.

¡Únase a este grupo si está interesado o actualmente estudia uno de los muchos idiomas europeos hermosos! Este es un lugar en el que puede compartir consejos, discutir métodos eficaces para el aprendizaje, etc.

Si unisca a questo gruppo se è interessato o attualmente studia una delle tante belle lingue europee! Questo è un posto in cui può condividere suggerimenti, discutere metodi efficaci di apprendimento, etc.

Rejoignez ce groupe si vous êtes intéressé ou étudiez actuellement l’une des nombreuses belles langues européennes! C’est un endroit où vous pouvez partager des conseils, discuter des méthodes d’apprentissage efficaces, etc.

Hello, everyone!

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    Good evening to you all. I created this group last year and have not yet done much with it, but I see that it has grown by a few dozen members since I created it! I thank you all for joining and hope to be more active in the future.

    As for my part in languages, I have studied Spanish since elementary school, and I can speak it conversationally and read it almost fluently. In addition, I have studied German since January of last year, and I have reached conversational proficiency and near-fluent reading abilities as well. Beyond those two, I can speak Italian and French conversationally, and I can write them fairly well, too. At the moment, I am working on learning all the concepts of Dutch and Polish. German and Polish have been the most difficult to learn because each one includes quite a few cases and advanced grammatical rules.

    I would love to know what languages you all currently speak or have studied and what your proficiency level is! I truly find language as a whole fascinating, but I feel the most at home learning languages from all across Europe.

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