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we will extinct soon if we do nothing

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this is what i have learn, this group is more some of my analysis concerning the dating world and especially my very specific research,some few collected datas,intels,infos and my personnal reflections,seen has half group half blog/forum because unfortunatly people here are not very active don’t communicate under the textual form

this some quick analysis under the sociological prism

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    hi members of whitedate because i’am targeting a very specific phenotype and very specific facial features i’am targeting a list of european countries and if we/i take a very binary axis frankfurt school/conservative, conservative in a larger way meaning i put even the liberal christian democrats in the conservative,because you have micro-group inside,who are very hard to define related to the political culture and it’s very various from a country to another saying than even inside the EPP group you have micro sub-groups near of ECR,EFDD,ENF even they are clearly atlantists and capitalists,like the recent estonian elect
    but i have made something more binary sorry if i haven’t include all the countries and for UK ,well it’s to messy to known where they are politically

    locations :
    -iceland (frankfurt school) very contaminated
    -norway (frankfurt school) not the worst,a bit hope but far from the count, not in the EU so it’s specific for them
    -sweden (frankfurt school) the nightmare,so messy kafkaian almost doomed
    -finland (frankfurt school) a light weak waking up but far from the count
    -denmark (frankfurt school/conservative ) a take in count recently,some hope
    -estonia (frankfurt school/conservative) a bit lesser frankfurt more conservative
    -latvia (conservative)
    -lithuania (conservative) strong with real values and ethics,my favorite
    -republic of karelie(russia) (conservative)
    -russia until oural (conservative)
    -northen germany (frankfurt school) the worst the origine of the contamination
    -netherlands (frankfurt school) contaminated
    -belgian flemish (frankfurt school) very contaminated
    -belaruss (conservative) well belarus is hard to classified because it’s not a parlementary democratic country but somewhere they fit with the conservatives
    -poland (conservative) strong with real values and ethics
    -kalingrad territory (conservative)
    -ukraine (conservative) strong with real values and ethics
    -czech (conservative)
    -slovakia (conservative)
    -UK hard to situated them politically
    -Ireland (conservative)mainly it’s the general mood
    for hungaria well i’am just interrested by the germanic ethno/stock from the austro-hungarian empire and they are not enough so i bypass a bit hungary but they are very conservative with victor orban,but i let the door open,but they have plenty different ethnies more mixed
    understand than it’s a quick vision maybe not very precise

    i’am ethno-differencialist,preservationist,pro-white,intraracial,anti-promiscuity,pro-monoamory,pro-monogamy,anti-polygamy/amory,pro-genophilia,anti destruction of europe,anti african-migration,anti MENAs immigration(in a large scale)
    ,anti wahhabite islamic invasion ,anti-Miscegenation,anti-misandry,anti-white european genocide,anti-eurabia,anti-cultural-marxism,pro gender-equality,anti-violences against women and men,anti SJW feminazis
    “the right of peoples to self-determination”
    it’s a synthesis of what i have learn a bit late but still it’s better than nothing,but i’am still a bit in the blur for some aspects

    why this very large area it’s related to the ethno stock,the phenotype,the facial features what i’am looking for, meaning i’am looking for a very special phenotype a very cute young girl carrying the KITLG/KIT/ligand/gene (rs4590952) meaning pale snow-white with very light white blonde,reddish blonde,blonddish red ,ginger/redhead (MC1R gene) hairs and
    with marine blue eyes with high cheeks bones and a little snub nose,with a few variation
    i take the very cute miss tyrol 2018,Theresa Ruetz ,as one of my references because even she’s not very blond,more chesnut she have some very cute nice traits i have a problem for posting photos so i link her instagram

    is why i dig the web very far and i understand than it’s very difficult nowadays to find fresh young european girls for commitment who are not contaminated by all that i have quoted above,the situation is not completly desesperate but if you want meet someone ,both of you ,males and females aside this kind of website,it’s very hard aside the physical aspect,to find someone near of what you are thinking and because i want a feminine sensual girl and not a masculine skingirl (with the cosplay who came with) is very hard, i will explain you more later my deep mind and my vision of the things.
    aside that, it’s a dating website i know,but if you have knowledges of :
    taxonomy,genetics,anthroplogy i’am interresting even i know a good part and i’am not completly lost

    but where i’am lost it’s mostly on the human behaviour,many things escape me and believe i’am smart,it will very helpfull to have people with knowledges of psychology,psychiatry,comportemental studies,sexuality etc because i have things to understand,and because all is connected when you want settle down someone for good ,for sure the things that i describe here are not reflecting all the society hopefully but it’s reflecting the mainstream mood,in a larger part

    female members what i describe here is also available for you it’s the same side of the coin,if you want something real like as i wish because i’am pure heart and noble you will need too be very carefull because if women with a very criticable behaviour exists,it’s also because men are also like that,you couldn’t preaching swinging lifestyle and faithfullness it’s impossible and incompatible,you need to flip a side,it’s what i do and that many people on many serious dating sites,like whitedate,do i hope

    we are in a big turn of everything but if we stay focus on what we are interrested for, personally i put in the same bag antinomic hypocrit people,understand than i’am very binary there is no half measure possible,as i say :”i believe than sex and love feelings are interlocked and stronger than everything because Love cannot be bought or earned,and i believe in an unique monoamory and commitment let me be your sanctuary”
    i sacralised Love as a very high value,and people should be more focus on that than finding some excuses with religion,religion who have create sexually frustated people since centuries,i’am more near of the taoist and buddhist philosophy,but it’s a very long topic to debate
    my values are not from the christianity because i believe than the roman catholic institution is also responsible of the situation by her very psycho-rigid mindset.a universe with sexless people shouldn’t have the right to teach what is good for you or not,it’s a fact, but the paradox is that i’am very near of this mindset but religion-free,my ethics and values are mine and i have my freewill ,we,humans have our freewill don’t forget it

    for ending : are you seeking for the “one” without referring to anyone?,because it’s my case,i have not to justified myself to anyone,it’s concern YOU and YOU only,and also your actual or future partner it’s obvious,the dating world take a turn that i don’t really like it,don’t choose for me,as i have said above i dig deeply looking for a partner but also for anwers

    i hope you will understand my very specific vision.


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