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Subscribe here if you wish to participate in or organize local leisure events. We will create sub-groups and appoint administrators as soon as geographical clusters appear. We imagine events such as discussion groups for relooking, dating strategy and etiquette, cooking and home management classes, nanny circles, cocktail parties with buffet, dinners, BBQs, picnics, dancing classes, etc.
Administrators can arrange events for men or women only, but for dating it makes more sense to mix the sexes. If you are a person with trad skills you can build your local community using this group and forum system and eventually act as an affiliate creating an income stream.

New England Meet and Greet

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    Noahs Ark

    Hi Everyone

    My name is Noah, I live in the great state of Maine, The Best State as everyone knows Im sure. 93% to 97% white, its pretty great up here besides a select few towns. I would love for the chance to meet and hangout with some like minded people and build some community. Is there anyone else on here from the New England area who feels the same? After ditching all my lefty hippie friends it feels hard to relate and to be able to just feel comfortable being my honest self with most people. There are a lot of based white people in Maine but a good amount of normies too. Would be willing to drive as far south as CT or RH or mid NY for an event. It would be real cool if it were a camping event, or atleast something dog friendly. What would a meet up be without mans best friend? My parents met at a christian singles camp event in NY. He drove from Michigan, she drove from Maine. Thats what they did back then before the interwebs. Might as well give it a try.

    Let me know what you guys think!

    Btw if you want somewhere to raise a beautiful white family, Maine, NH and VT is where its at.

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