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Join if you wish to help build a community of people interested in self-defense and survival skills: MMA teachers, hunters, preppers etc.

With our societies getting increasingly unsafe and the economic system unstable we need to be prepared for the worst but most of all we should learn to watch out for each other.

Regional sub-groups will be created and administrators appointed once a critical number achieved.

Learning skills to meet threats

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    What I anyways wanted to learn more about is the skills experience of finding food from within the forests.

    What are some skills and experience from others such as which vegetation, berries, etc to use and consume.

    Also in reference to our white societies becoming increasingly hostile towards whites from non whites, there are other defenses such as toning down threats to oneself via use of language. That is, using the correct words to tone down threats that one receives.



    I lived for two years alone in the British Columbia wilderness, when I was 18, and knew nothing about doing such a crazy thing.
    You need to be no younger than 18, and no older than 18.
    There is almost nothing to eat! The winters are lethal and the summers are filled with aeroplane-sized mosquitoes and black-flies.
    I froze, melted, got sucked dry, starved, became dehydrated, injured, and lonely.
    All I could find to eat, that whole time, was:
    Grouse. Squirrels. Trout. Almost no berries.
    Once in a while, I saw a deer, and once, a moose. The odd bear and wolf.

    Don’t do it 🙂

    If you do, then good luck to you. It might not kill you, and if it doesn’t, you’ll be stronger for it.
    Endeth-here the wild-woods-lesson.



    The greatest, best, and most useful skill you’ll ever (probably not) learn, is to walk away from fear.
    Have nothing more to do with it.
    Easy to say, almost impossible to do.
    But I can attest to the fact that it is – in fact – possible.

    This, alone, is a life-goal worth choosing to pursue.
    There is no more effective self-defense skill, either.


    Fine Line

    Fear is something that is managed and impossible to banish for fear is one of the human motivations. It’s also meant to keep you alive, along with the adrenaline it produces. Learning to manage fear is a worthwhile skillset to acrue for any walk or pursuit in life. In terms of living off the grid in a completely isolated and disconnected manner, it might not be the best of ideas. Yet, living in the big city is also not the answer. The future will be the neglected areas of the country you are living in. A neo-pioneer attitude is necessary in order to develop the intentional communities required to preserve european genetics and traditions. Note, the rash of invaders remain in the big cities. They do not venture outside well established infrastructures. These intentional communities will be a challenge but it is what whites are good at.

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