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Join if you wish to help build a community of people interested in self-defense and survival skills: MMA teachers, hunters, preppers etc.

With our societies getting increasingly unsafe and the economic system unstable we need to be prepared for the worst but most of all we should learn to watch out for each other.

Regional sub-groups will be created and administrators appointed once a critical number achieved.

The way forward for Nationalist organisations?

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    Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone were arrested and detained by UK border police not too long ago for going to interview a “right-wing extremist”, and for being members of the Right-wing group: Generation Identity. The rhetoric of Generation Identity is very weak, yet the System still went after them. This is something that should be taken seriously.

    We must come to the understanding that there needs to be a drastic change of direction for how nationalist organisations operate in Britain if we are to survive.

    We cannot achieve victory via party politics because the System won’t let us win, it’s a rigged game. There are countless rules and regulations that prevent a nationalist party promoting racialist doctrines and policies.

    Common sense and practicality have closed off the avenues of protests, marches and demonstrations. The moment you utter a word of Truth through a megaphone you are arrested by the System pigs under “hate speech” laws and then that’s it, you’re finished for life, if you don’t go to prison you and your family will instead be constantly watched, harassed and persecuted until the day you die. Nationalists have even had their children taken away from them as a result of fighting for what will always be right.

    There is one last path available to us, TOTAL drop out, complete mental and eventually physical liberation from the tendrils of the System.

    This will involve:

    1. engaging in hikes, camps, urban exploration and any other activities close to nature to build a family bond between comrades.

    2. keeping yourself strong, fit and healthy so you can protect your brothers and sisters.

    3. eventually buying property with three or four comrades which will reduce your dependency on the System to survive and thus the System’s grasp on you.

    There is more to this plan but it wouldn’t be very smart to list everything involved.



    anyone prepping?

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