The dating habits of the western world of European white people have continuously degraded into short-term sexual relationships that leave both parties unsatisfied, as their expectations are not met.

Families break apart or do not form in the first place; the demography of the European people is plummeting.

mother with children

Media and school do not teach the students to aim for a family with at least 3 children necessary to maintain the demography of their people and culture. The young rather grow up with the subtle message that a housewife’s work as well as motherhood are to be despised in comparison to a corporate ‘career’.

What to do?

Women are out of control by making often the first step towards men. They completely misunderstand that men are wired by nature to hunt and chase. Men secretly dislike when women invade their role as a leader. Especially Alpha-males claim the privilege to chose and speak to a woman first. Knowing exactly what type is to their liking they rarely marry a woman who imposes herself in the first place, especially when she falls drunk into his arms. By sleeping with a man too fast, women do not understand that they deprive him from the pleasure of chasing her and from the precious longing-time a man needs to develop true feelings.

Until the 60s women were taught a set of etiquette rules and if neglected, they were publicly shamed for it. These rules included covering up their bodies to not show knees and shoulders at the same time (except for beach wear), to not address a man first, to learn home-making, cooking and child-care preparing them for motherhood.

Due to feminist programming, women are being taught to believe that long studies and working a job as an employee will give them the acknowledgement that they are craving. While other societies worship motherhood, ours tends to treat European mothers of 3+ children like uneducated trash.  The message from school to media is: You need to be a company work slave to be valuable to society! The only problem with this philosophy is that any society that does not value family and motherhood, as a mathematical fact, is going to eventually die.

Another result of this deep feminist brainwashing is that western women of our time do not have a clue any more what genuinely attracts men. Otherwise they would simply wear more dresses, grow and braid their hair, move gracefully and speak softly without imposing their opinions trying to win every argument. They would simply see themselves as a complement to the man, not a competitor and inspire men to provide and take care of them. Men move mountains for women they love and they need to be needed and admired by women. The drive leading European men to create and innovate was often connected to the wish to please their women. The formula ‘men create, women applaud’ worked for centuries and the results can still be admired in European architecture, technical innovations and arts.

Instead of making Western men great again many white women of our time spend years preparing for a so called ‘career’ in a cubicle for some energy-sucking company by giving away their precious time of youth in exchange for a generally meagre salary they mostly spend on rent.

We, at WhiteDate, understand that feminism is anti-feminine and has not only caused millions of women unnecessary sufferance but also harmed Western societies on an existential level. Women should relearn femininity and rediscover their intrinsic and natural powers leading the way to true and lasting love.

Women should use the precious time in their 20s to present themselves in the most attractive manner, beautifully dressed, relaxed and feminine representing values that encourage men to see them as the future mother of their children.

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