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I think when it comes to the lower education system we should be learning how to read and write and do basic math and that’s about it, we don’t need gym class and sex education and a lot of other things that they teach in school, maybe some local history can be taught, it can even teach history beyond that depending on the type of school (grade school or high school) but over all a lot of what is taught in school is useless. I personally would like to see a return of the one room school house, I know that sounds kind of extreme but I always hated being in school with so many people and having to take so many classes that I didn’t care about. A lot of things nowadays can easily be learned on your own without school, especially with there being more available access to computers with internet and most cities having public libraries and or major chain book stores. When it comes to higher education (college/university) I think that type of education should be a means to a end, meaning you go there just to go there and that’s it, not to get job training because it doesn’t do that and it was never intended to do that, if job training is what a person needs then a good trade and vocational school would be a better option or maybe a small technical school if they want to pursue something that requires a degree. As for learning about self identity, some of the liberal study colleges can teach about culture and heritage in some of there courses but if a person wants to find themselves by taking those courses they would probably have better luck researching on there own and joining online groups to find like minded individuals that are trying to do the same thing. I don’t think college was ever intended to be a place to find your self, even if it was it is most definitely not now.


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