Education Should Teach Whites Belonging or Shush

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    In the Western societies, whites have spent thousands of hours at school and universities yet learning very little about the most obvious skills to prepare themselves for a successful life within a spiritually and demographically healthy community. I am not pointing towards the corporate efficiency, as only a few of us find fulfillment and happiness working in an urban desert climbing an imaginary ladder towards so-called social acknowledgment that mainly rewards the most opportunist and submissive to hierarchy.

    I am talking about those skills that allow us to be healthier (cooking, gardening, living with nature), socially competent (etiquette, manners, relationship coaching, public speaking), morally upright (ethics, codes of conduct, decency), mentally strong (identitarian history, human genetics, antique ideas of racial awareness), and to allow us to add our little part to the well-being of a kinship we belong to.

    But no, this education system teaches all about the individual, completely disconnected from any genealogical construct, at least for whites: we are taught to become ‘anything’ we want, except ourselves.

    Waking up from these lies that are mere nails to the coffin of our civilization, we try to brainstorm what is actually of use to us and for our children to learn.

    Detecting whatever we need to unlearn gives us an idea about the whole agenda orchestrated on highest political level by trying to shape our spirits into a state of self-hate and self-destruction.

    Sorry, this is a dead-end and we are making a U-turn, now.

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    I think when it comes to the lower education system we should be learning how to read and write and do basic math and that’s about it, we don’t need gym class and sex education and a lot of other things that they teach in school, maybe some local history can be taught, it can even teach history beyond that depending on the type of school (grade school or high school) but over all a lot of what is taught in school is useless. I personally would like to see a return of the one room school house, I know that sounds kind of extreme but I always hated being in school with so many people and having to take so many classes that I didn’t care about. A lot of things nowadays can easily be learned on your own without school, especially with there being more available access to computers with internet and most cities having public libraries and or major chain book stores. When it comes to higher education (college/university) I think that type of education should be a means to a end, meaning you go there just to go there and that’s it, not to get job training because it doesn’t do that and it was never intended to do that, if job training is what a person needs then a good trade and vocational school would be a better option or maybe a small technical school if they want to pursue something that requires a degree. As for learning about self identity, some of the liberal study colleges can teach about culture and heritage in some of there courses but if a person wants to find themselves by taking those courses they would probably have better luck researching on there own and joining online groups to find like minded individuals that are trying to do the same thing. I don’t think college was ever intended to be a place to find your self, even if it was it is most definitely not now.



    Constitutional Law should be taught starting with Latin being taught, starting at grade 3. Imho, bar none, lawyers are the biggest most expensive PITA’s and purveyors of ambiguity there is. If you’ll notice, 98% of U.S. politicians are lawyers by trade. I believe that we are not, “A nation of laws”, we are a nation of lawyers, making bank on our exploitation and misery.
    Just an idea for cutting out another middle man.



    Science, AP science, language, math, home ed, Art, European history, philosophy and law should be thought to be able to have law abiding citizens who can critically think for themselves, everything that they lack now a days. College was always meant to be for a few in history people who went to college were the marginalized now its the opposite and it’s let to the problem at hand. Many of us waste our prime family years for degrees we can’t get job for. Many of the tech courses are unnecessary given that most of the skill we have in tech come from experience unless your going to work in that field theirs no need for school to have tech class.



    I want to ask this the topic of college has been brought forward. How else are we supposed to seek higher education? Should it all be independent research and study?



    Good question! If plugging into a crazy system is your thing, then crazy schooling/college is your best route.
    On the other hand, if real life is for you, then living it, first-hand, is definitely advisable.



    University was called that because it was intended to teach a coherent understanding of all existence. Now, in most institutions which style themselves universities and perhaps for most students in those institutions which still are able to offer a comprehensive education, technical and comparatively superficial training is given: no real consideration of the mind and spirit of the student, no real effort to open mind and spirit to deeper, eternal truths.

    So, yes, it would be better to have viable and intensive technical institutes, specialized to offer the best instruction possible for future craftsmen, technicians, engineers, and more. ‘Better to have the universities return to the broader and less technical education needed to enlighten those men and women who may help to shape the beliefs and actions needed to make the world better for everyone.


    John Briar

    The teaching of rhetoric was intentionally removed from western curricula, too. I can imagine why.



    Here is a good quote on historical education…let’s see who can guess where it’s quoted from ;):

    “The teaching of universal history in what are called the middle schools is still very unsatisfactory. Few teachers realize that the purpose of teaching history is not the memorizing of some dates and facts, that the student is not interested in knowing the exact date of a battle or the birthday of some marshal or other, and not at all–or at least only very insignificantly–interested in knowing when the crown of his fathers was placed on the brow of some monarch. These are certainly not looked upon as important matters.

    To study history means to search for and discover the forces that are the causes of those results which appear before our eyes as historical events. The art of reading and studying consists in remembering the essentials and forgetting what is not essential.”

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