What You Need to Know to Find Your Dream Partner

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    What is the initial purpose of stable relationships and nuclear families? Why should especially whites strive for achieving this goal? Why have relationships become so complicated? Why bother in the first place and not just lose ourselves in eternal hedonismnihlismconsumerism?

    Nature is simple: It’s either demography or death and for nature to work men and women need to rediscover their natural roles.

    Video: Without White Children We Will Perish



    The topic title is interesting, because it makes use of the term “dream partner”.
    Dreams are an important part of life, largely overlooked and discarded as ‘noise’.
    I met my own “dream partner” through first dreaming about her, and then following through on that dream.
    Follow the paper trail. Go down the rabbit-burrow. Look in unlikely places. Linger. Be patient. Be brave!



    I am glad you found true love and great you signed up for our groups section. We need members who dare to start the conversation here. I very much believe in groups because they can help us build our communities also offline. Not that it’s good for our business 🙂 but it’s good for the white cause.
    I very much like your last line. May I quote it in a tweet? It is good strategy advice.



    Apart from dreaming, what are some practical suggestions for finding this dream partner? Dreaming is all well and good but eventually one must wake up, get out of the house and start looking. Where to look? How to identify? What to say?



    You need to find a partner that is close to your beliefs. As a man, this is easier because it is easier to find a woman that is submissive and will be more likely to change slightly in ideology for her husband. You cannot have a marriage with different fundamental beliefs. You are tied together and working against each other will be detrimental to your relationship. This is actually a bible verse, but I interpret it to be more fundamental than what it reads as. It reads as dont marry outside the faith but this needs to be looked at in context. The context is hostilities between the Christians and their neighboring religions. The reason why you would not marry someone of the different tribe is that they may betray you and your people. People with different allegiances cannot marry. Today the best way to tell their allegiance is their ideology. A conservative, capitalist atheist is a much better friend to a capitalist southern baptist than a liberal catholic. I have seen so many marriages fall apart when the family is united in marriage but separated by ideology that I think ideology is way more important than religion. I have not seen nearly as many interfaith marriages fail when they are united in ideology. Typically, the interfaith couples will be much more sympathetic to each other’s religions and try to say that they say the same things, but the same faith couples separated by ideology will overlook their ideological differences and not see their differences in faith until it is too late. Then they will realize they are separated in ideology and in faith as they see their faith as being fundamentally different.

    A leftist and a rightist will never be united. Leftists hate hierarchies and rightists acknowledge their existence, usefulness, and authority. You cannot unite these two.

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