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    As a millennial, I’m obliged and propelled to write long, ranting posts about my very narrow and specific tastes, points of view, predispositions, or random whims being catered too. And it came to my attention, that in the political orientation section of profile creation, there is a massive, glaring, and unforgivable omission. The great and noble position of Distributism is not an option.

    Now, I’m fully aware that possibly there are no other distributivists alive this side of WW II. But as a millennial the fact that the idea is unpopular and antiquated and basically irrelevant to everyone makes me feel even more self-righteous indignation at it’s omission.

    And while I had a fantastic laugh at the ‘cuckservative’ orientation option, which obviously no one would use non-ironically, I’m going to hypocritically complain that if ‘cuckservative’ is an option, then why doesn’t my Chestertonian Chesnut make it onto the list?!?!?!?! Don’t bother pointing out the irony that in reality cuckservative is the dominant political orientation of our people, and no one, other than in my fantasies, cares about Distributivist ‘three acres and a cow’.

    Now, aside from the fact that no one cares about this ideology (except the (((Misses Institute))), who takes pains to refute it while non-ironically calling poor agrarian people ‘surplus population’ in a deadpan serious emulation of Dickens famous Scrooge), this ideology is obviously of paramount importance. And it is the moral duty of me as a millennial to pretend that you have a moral duty to add it.

    I do hope that if this post finds its way to an administrators eyes, it is dutifully ignored. As with most loud, angry millenial rants, it will be forgotten about not more than five seconds after it’s posted, and actual action taken, either for or against this cause, will not alter my wholehearted support for this organization one bit.



    Distributism sounds like a great idea. No wonder neither school nor media discuss it as an option. Maybe it could be the emergency exit as capitalism and socialism seem to be equally flawed allowing power and property centralization and the development of oligarchy.
    Thank you for suggesting Distributism, we added it to the list of political orientation.



    That’s why I like it. Thanks.

    Though the old distributivist would say socialism has been hijacked by the people pushing for a servile state. They don’t care if they control people’s lives in the name of a company or in the name of a state, so long as they have that control.

    I’d say almost all socialism in the last decades has been ‘servile state socialism’. Though there are some organic ‘we care about our people’ outgrowths of socialism. Canada’s healthcare system, and a lot of its competitive crown corporations were or still are good, functional socialism. The healthcare system is getting tanked by bureaucratic inflation and stress from immigration. But the competitive crowns still do their jobs very, very well all while turning a profit for the government.


    John Young

    Ma’am, I’ll have you know that I am a Distributist as well! And I was born long after WWII.

    In my economic explorations, it appealed to me as a solution to both the problems of socialism and capitalism.

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