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Since the beginnings, WhiteDate had been targeted by non-whites signing up simply to disturb the building of a good reputation of this new site. We are aware that trust will make this site succeed or fail. Therefore, we now offer our members the possibility to get their ID verified proving that they are truly white and, in case they display photos of themselves, that they are the person they claim to be on their photos in the profile.

How to get verified?
There are two possibilities:
1) Contact us to set up a Skype or Telegram call where you agree to show your face via webcam. You will need to be connected to your WhiteDate account to reply in real time to a message sent by the Admin.
2) Send a selfie directly to Liv lh [at] – holding either your ID, passport or driver’s licence in your hand and in a way that we can compare your face to the photo on the ID. As there are hundreds of images on the Internet with people holding their IDs we need you to add your email address you use on WhiteDate on a (sticking) paper to one side or corner of your ID without covering the important data.

Try not to hide your face with your ID card (difficult to find a good example photo). Zooming into the photo, we need to be able to read the text on the ID. Don’t forget to add a (sticking) paper with the email address you use on WhiteDate to one side or corner of your ID.

Once we have verified your photo we will add the ‘ID Verified’ marker

.to your profile.

What happens with the data?

We will not store the sent images on our server but on an external hard disk, so they cannot get hacked, just in case some secret service might get interested. They would have to 1) find the house, 2) break into the house and 3) find the disk. We are not saying on which continent we are storing it, that would be too easy.

Do you cooperate with the FBI, CIA, Mossad etc. to hand them over our data?
If we would, we would not be banned for advertisement on Facebook, Twitter, Googe, and Reddit, and we certainly would not be building this site with a low budget using our personal funds only. Now and then there are trolls on social media who present us as a ‘honeypot’ designed to fetch data. You best follow your intuition reading articles written by established AltRight magazines or by Liv, the founder of WhiteDate, herself: www.WhiteDate.NET/Press/

Can you guarantee that the presented ID cards are real?
No we cannot. There is the possibility to get fake ID cards online. Nevertheless, it requires a special effort, some financial investment and real criminal energy. In case a member finds out in real life about the fake identity of another member he or she should report the fraud.

Whilst talking about fraud, always respect our safe dating guidelines presented HERE and HERE. Better safe than sorry.



Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.


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