It has been some months now that we have been observing the search engine results of for the keyword combination ‘White Dating’, ‘White Dating Site’ and other related terms.. We are still baffled by the audacity of the blatant double standards suggesting race-mixing for whites.

The following search results from today. This will give you an insight of the Google’s algorithm for this subject. The browser colorfully highlights the keywords Google considers ‘relevant’ and leading to the following results:

On the top left, we see an image directing to a White Dating Site that seems to have closed down as the URL is broken but bizarrely still shows up in the Google results and this for a very particular reason: To direct to an article accusing the founders of this dating site of, *surprise* *surprise* racism.

The other images are self explanatory. No image to find with a white man and a white woman, only whites dating Blacks, Asians and Hispanics. Hmmm. Coincidence? Certainly not if you look at the highlighted keywords such as ‘Black and White’, ‘Chinese’, or ‘mixed race’.

Let’s now take a look at other search results concerning ethnodating:

The results for Chinese/Korean/Japanese Dating show quite relevant results with a few exceptions for White men dating Asian women. No mixing with Blacks, Arabs or Indians. Almost the same for Latino Dating:

Now looking at ‘black dating’ we only see blacks dating blacks.

Google’s algorithm constantly changes and the results vary from one month to another. Yet the bias of the results has not changed for months. It’s all about whites dating non-whites as if Google wants to ram this idea down our throats that Whites dating Whites is somehow not possible, like evil, cannot be, shall not be, needs to be wiped out from our imagination. If this is not shameless anti-white propaganda, then I don’t know what is.


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