As the founder of a traditional dating site for heterosexual men and women, why would I care for the question of homosexuality in the AltRight movement?

Would be interesting to hear KL’s opinion about the ongoing White Genocide, Trad Style, Trad Life, and the necessity of making white women more feminine and attractive to white men.

Well, I came across articles and videos in the alternative media sphere openly embracing homosexuals as a valuable asset to the movement as if there would be nothing more natural to do.

During my studies as well as later in artsy social circles, I have personally met several gays who are intelligent, witty, well-dressed people. Yet I quickly noticed the natural segregation from the heterosexuals, the despise towards women and the lust to lure straight guys into their camp.

Nevertheless, I gave them lots of credit and did not judge them. They were so ‘unconventional’ which I considered to be ‘cool’. As the perfect product of German (re)education, I was open minded to everything as long as it was not traditional.
Looking at the level of my own stupidity of that time I can only come to the conclusion that youth without Internet in a degenerate environment equals a mental disease. Fortunately I am cured.

Style and intelligence are always a benefit. Or am I biased because he is from Hamburg? How about developing a fashion line for respectable Trad Wives, house dresses, nightgowns etc.

This discussion in the AltRight reminds me of these days and the chauvinistic attitude of some gays towards straight men and the traditional family life. But remember especially now facing white extinction within the next centuries that it’s the normal hetero folks that ensure the continuation of our peoples and cultures by having and bringing up children. The builders of the nuclear family are the heroes of any society of any time as the ultimate goal for creating a valid economy, prosperity, infrastructure, architecture, that comes before the expression of the soul in music, literature, arts is first and foremost: Survival. Every aspect our cultures used to be directed to this ultimate goal. Countless paintings depicting mothers with children and men fighting for the habitat, freedom and security of their folk and family tell the tale.

Even if they were heroes in battle, the gay’s contribution since the beginning of our species to our demography is, politely said, pretty meagre. Fantastrillions of spermatozoids carrying the genetic information of the European gene pool wasted in millions and millions of male rectums leading to uncountable unborn white babies. What a waste.

Some even say in historical times leaders of great white nations lived a double life between family and intellectual gay friends, which was seen as perfectly normal.

How to be heroic in the 21st century. Our future success will not be measured in our academic achievements or acquired status symbols but in our systemic self-reliance and contributions to the white cause.

Wouldn’t this model declassify mothers as the breeders of men’s descendants? Wouldn’t it be humiliating for women to know their men sleeping with other men before coming home for dinner? This cannot be a valuable model. The only valuable and time proven model is the heterosexual nuclear family providing a safe space for women and children.

Gays’ intellectual contribution to the AltRight movement is appreciated but in no way can they hold a guiding role as open and proud homosexuals as they are in no way role models for a lifestyle leading to a healthy demography and ensuring our survival as an ethnic and cultural group. Leaving them alone in a homo-white ethno state would logically lead to their extinction within approximately 60 years. White gays need the traditional white family who build the white societies they want to live in and they cannot expect a full blessing treatment from those who would be shocked to see the average gay lifetime body-count as well as the statistics about STDs and paedophilia not to mention again “the lust to lure straight guys into their camp”.

This all is not very helpful to our cause especially not in our actual situation where we strive for healthy relationships and white babies above all. Therefore, in my humble opinion, within the AltRight homosexuals will have to make themselves ‘petit’ again and hand over the lead to the ‘toxically’ masculine heterosexual alpha males with families.


WhiteDate.NET is about bringing men and women together who despite the liberal brainwashing are planning to build a nuclear family to oppose white extinction. We care for demography, happy families and healthy, white children, thus a future for white people.

Liv Heide


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