A Letter to Our Members

Sent from Administrator to all WhiteDate Members on August 15th, 2018
Dear Members,
I congratulate you to be pioneers of a big adventure by helping build a community just for European men and women who are aware of their ethnic and cultural uniqueness like the Chinese or Indians are aware of theirs. Since the beginning last year, we have been confronted with non-white sign ups, ‘professional’ women and spammers that motivated us to increase security, but obviously we could not and cannot filter out pretenders, that are members who sign up with valid email addresses and members who add photos of some white person without being that person.
I met Greg Johnson at a forum in Magdeburg in April. He suggested to add an ID verification function. Finally we found the time to add this marker icon to the profile. To get the marker, we ask you to send a selfie directly to me at lh@whitedate.net by holding your passport, ID card or driver’s license (no, library card won’t work) in your hand and in a way that we can see the text, the photo and your face. As there are hundreds of images on the Internet with people holding their IDs we need you to add your email address you use on WhiteDate on a sticking paper to the ID.
And no, this is not a honeypot, we don’t work for FBI, CIA, Mossad etc. We would just like to create more trust within the WhiteDate circles. Your data will be stored offline on a hard disk hidden on an undefined continent, in an undefined house at an undefined place.
We cannot say that your data is absolutely safe as the secret services have the means to find out anything about us if they wanted to, but we do not let this stop us from doing what needs to be done: create an online and offline community of traditionally-aligned whites who think in terms of family, lineage, responsibility, and white vision.
By the way, the idea of inviting the ladies came from Jared Taylor months ago as he already foresaw the difficulty to attract women to a traditional dating site. Once we start monetizing, only the men will pay and the ladies may feel invited; they can ‘pay back’ their future date with a charming smile and a ‘Thank you for the coffee’ 🙂
How I managed to get the attention of someone like Jared Taylor? I wrote him an email like I wrote to 20 other protagonists of the AltRight online media. He was one of the two who replied although WhiteDate was still full of bugs and counted only 200 members at the time. He clearly is a visionary.
Today we have 1550 members, and yes we need more ladies. This is a challenge that calls for a solution. Not have I never launched a website before in my life as communication is the last thing I am talented for, I also do not pretend to have a remedy at hand that could heal female minds still intoxicated by feminist ideology, and that could transform them over night into aspiring trad wives and make them sign up on WhiteDate. I myself had a long way to go to get redpilled on the importance of traditional life for our demography, and I am still far away from being the perfect trad wife. But trying!
I invite white men to understand the frustration of us white women the day we realize after years of learning and studying to get the ‘good grades’ and our ‘financial independence’ that most of our skills we worked so hard for are basically useless for our people’s survival. Men can do these jobs, but men cannot have children, and without a radical increase of our demography whites will be mostly gone extinct from this earth within next 300 years.
Feel free to invite every young, white, unmarried and single person with trad potential you know (especially women), spread the word and put us in contact with AltRight/AltLight content creators with a female audience. We have an affiliation system in place that can make them participate in our future profits; we want the pro-white media to grow with us.
How to successfully contact and invite them? I have no idea, but I trust in your creative potential as you descend from a lineage of people who built castles, wrote symphonies and brought into being breathtaking beauty in architecture and art. You will find a way, and together we will build a platform that will make white in-group preference not only acceptable but also fashionable again.


Replies to questions from members responding to this letter.

Will non-ID-verified profiles be deleted?
No, the ID marker is just an option, not mandatory.

Is the site still growing?

Yes, on a daily basis but more for men than for women. That’s why we have to do something about this disequlibrium.

Why don’t you advertise on Facebook?
We are banned from advertisement on Facebook, Twitter, Google and Reddit because they consider ethnodating to be racist but only if whites practise it.




Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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