When did education, media and politics explain to you that motherhood is one of the most important things in our society as it is the premise to the survival of our people? Exactly, never!

big white family

This is what success looks like.

Nor have we heard at school, like our grandmothers still did: That a family needs to bring up 3 children to maintain (!) our demography or that long lasting relationships and strong families are the foundation of healthy societies.

Looking back, in the 50s education starting to teach boys and girls exactly the same things obviously did not prepare boys for homemaking and motherhood but prepared girls to become a good worker for a company, obedient to a boss and a hierarchy, to basically become their own provider; the job that used to be for men thus taking away men’s core mission in society.

Women have been fooled

Our education system concentrates entirely on developing women’s masculine side without even mentioning that cooking, shopping, gardening, decorating a home, managing domestic finances and last but certainly not least parenthood (!) etc. are activities that are crucial for the functioning and continuation of Western societies. These activities also require a whole set of skills neither men nor women have been officially prepared for since boomer times. Often women wake up soon after entering the work force and realize that coming home they need to start their second job that used to be women’s ONLY job. How could so many women (me included until some time ago) be fooled into believing that working double shift has anything to do with freedom?

Women change our world by creating life

Our teachers did not tell us the obvious truth about being a part of a whole and being responsible for its continuation which deprives us from the initial purpose that drove our forbears to overpass themselves for thousands of years: The profound feeling of belonging to our folk and the desire to participate in its thriving. This naturally included the wish to procreate which was seen as the ultimate privilege and mission for women. There were no companies sucking out the lifetime and energy of our early ancestors. They more or less worked for themselves, in family units or small enterprises. There was no taxman who took 50-80% of their created value pretending to put it into infrastructure but secretly paying the invasion of millions of foreigners to their lands. This kind of ‘representative’ would have ended very quickly hanging on a tree anyway.

Managing the domestic department is like being your own boss

Westerners and especially men have been artificially impoverished since the creation of the blood-sucking private Federal Reserve in 1913 obliging our governments to pay interest (funded by our taxes) on money printed out of the blue. We cannot change the system tomorrow but we can optimize our resources by creating long-lasting relationships and economic synergies. Once you are in a durable partnership your costs for rent, mortgage, telephone, heating, maintenance almost splits in half, as does the time you need to spend on organizing these things. You will have more time and money at hand to invest into building a beautiful home and having children. Men can re-become the only provider CEO if women re-learn how to optimize their domestic resources like a COO would do for a firm.

Submission to a man is a horror scenario

Says the woman who submits her most precious life time and energy to the goals of a company and its bosses, who only pretend to care for her as long as she delivers the desired results and who would not hesitate a second to replace her the day she stops to be useful.

A man who loves you and decides to spend the rest of his life with you will be there for you and care for you forever because he sees you as the completion of himself and his ‘partner in crime’ in building a healthy white family that is so hated by the anti-whites today.

Trad women accept that there can be only one captain on a ship, one leading wolf in a pack, one president of a country, and yes, there should be only one director of a family who has the last word. That does not mean your man would not listen to you. Of course he would listen, he loves you and the only thing that really makes white men happy is to see their women and children happy. How in the world can women think they would lose their influence in a patriarchal society? White men move mountains for women; they have even managed to canalize their sexual drive to build whole societies to please women. We are their muses as long as we do not become their competitors.

A feminist once said: « we have turned into the men we wanted to marry. » There you have it. Is there anything more we need to understand why many men are not attracted to women any more thus not care for their opinions nor for providing anything for them? Nature has built attractiveness on different but complementary features. You need a plus and a minus to create a current which expresses itself in masculinity and femininity; plus and plus rejects itself. This is our wake up call to re-embrace real womanhood.

I you must build a company, build it whilst your children are asleep, at school, sports, grandma or playing with kids from the neighborhood.

Women can have it all if they stay at home

Can you imagine Anne Coulter without regular intellectual stimulus? Difficult. Some women were born under the planetary constellation of Joan of Arc and resemble a fountain of brain power. These women need constant mental input to be happy.

Before the Internet they would read piles of books and correspond endlessly with like-minded individuals, today they go wild on social media. Internet is a fabulous tool offering them the possibility to combine motherhood with a cerebral activity because high-IQ women should have children and plenty! On the web, these brilliant trad ladies cannot only exchange creatively but also build their online home business now to express their entrepreneurial side if they feel the need to do so. Some women are so high-energy and multi-functional, they can offer a service or product on the Internet whilst being pregnant at the same time (just kidding), watching their children sleep, and bake a cake in the stove whereas on another day they plant vegetables, decorate the home and organize a birthday surprise party for a friend. Luckily, more and more of these intelligent women see the big picture and understand that family life and children need to come first as it is the only way that will create the numbers and the community cohesion we need to impose our group interests in an increasingly hostile, anti-white environment.

Whilst others still strive for acknowledgement within the corporate slave world, these women already know that in our future white world the number of their children as well as other contributions to our white cause will measure men’s and women’s success.

So if you are a lady of European descent, single, intelligent, beautiful and believe you have trad potential, sign up on WhiteDate.NET now for either dating and/or groups and help recreate safe, prosperous white societies our ancestors would be proud of.


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